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B Bar S Cattle, LLC’s bred steer (BBS Michefuji D1645) wins Grand Champion for in the Texas Wagyu Association’s 1st National Wagyu Carcass Competition

March 28, 2019

The Texas Wagyu Association has announced the winner/Grand Champion of their 1st Annual Wagyu Carcass Competition being held in conjunction with their 10th annual “Steaks are High” Wagyu cattle and genetics sale in Salado, TX on March 29th and 30th this year.

2019’s Grand Champion is BBS Michefuji D1645 (AWA# FE35543). This Fullblood Black Wagyu steer was a joint venture between B Bar S Cattle, LLC of Mountain View, Mssouri (Breeder), Craig Cattle, LLC of Craig, Nebraska (Feeder/Feed Lot) and Imperial Wagyu Beef of Omaha, Nebraska (Fullblood Program Manager & Meat Distributor).

This competition is particularly relevant to Wagyu cattle/beef as it is not about the outward appearance of the animal, but instead of the carcass/meat itself which is the primary appeal of the Wagyu (Japanese) breed.

The carcasses were judged using a Japanese Carcass Camera and eight factors with an appropriate score for each (scores listed are the maximum attainable):

Quality Grade (60 Pts), Yield Grade (60 Pts), HCW (20 Pts), IMF/Marbling (70 Pts), Meat Color (30 Pts), Fat Color (30 Pts), REA (20 Pts) and Fineness (30 Pts) for a Maximum of 320 potential scoring points.

Of the 11 Carcasses in this year’s competition the Grand Champion “BBS Michefuji D1645” achieved 233.25 total points, more than 30 points or nearly 10% better than its closest competitor.