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B Bar S Cattle: Breeding Excellence And Missouri Raised



Naturally Enhanced & Beyond Prime

We all have a lot to consider when it comes to providing healthy quality food on the table to our family and our customers. What kind of food, where the food originates and how it is raised are all major considerations in determining the best food to serve.

In the beef industry, genetics, the use of hormones and antibiotics, and the feed program are all important differentiators in the end-quality and health of meat. At B Bar S Cattle, we strive for Wagyu perfection. Most domestic fullblood Wagyu cattle normally grade well above the level of USDA Prime. This quality comes from meticulous detail and a commitment to premier genetics and healthy nutrition.

We are proud of our Fullblood Wagyu program. Our commitment to provide sustainable, healthy, tasty and tender beef is unwavering. Our hope is that you are as passionate in discovering products that matter to your family’s and your customers’ ┬áhealth and in sustaining the earth’s resources.

We feel confident that if these things matter to you, then B Bar S Cattle, LLC fullblood, long-fed Wagyu is the right meat for you. Come join us!